About Us.

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Our Mission

At Advantage Family Chiropractic, we combine chiropractic adjustments, adjunctive therapy and manual therapies to provide our patients with faster, longer-lasting relief from pain. Whether you are suffering from an injury or a chronic condition, successful chiropractic treatment follows this basic cycle of care: manage the pain, correct the problem and then prevent the problem from returning through Chiropractic wellness.


Doctors You Can Trust

Dr. Gail Meese

Dr. Gail Meese


Hello! I am Doctor Gail Meese. I am the owner and founder of Advantage Family Chiropractic. I always knew I would be a doctor, but found Chiropractic later in life. I opened AFC in the Fall of 2006 with the goal of helping my community to live a healthy and more mobile life. I have a passion for wellness and a purpose to serve. At AFC we strive to give you the best chiropractic service and experience possible. I love seeing the life changing results patients experience with Chiropractic care… Naturally… If I am not in the office, you will find me out and about networking in the community, with family on the sidelines of a soccer field or in the theater. I can’t wait to see you in the office.

Katie Russell

Student Doctor

Hi there! My name is Katie Russell and I am a student intern from Logan University, eager to see new patients at AFC! Growing up, I always knew I had the heart for healthcare, but I wasn’t exactly sure where to go. During my undergraduate studies, I found chiropractic, and fell in love with the idea of encouraging the body to heal itself, without the use of harmful drugs. I’ve learned so much already from Dr. Gail, and I am so excited to connect with, assist, and encourage the natural health of all our patients. Outside of the office, you will find me studying or adventuring with my husband, our dogs, and friends. I can’t wait to meet you!

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