When I first decided to see a chiropractor two years ago I was unable to function. I had been to the ER and my own family physician where each time I was given more useless meds. I moved my kids and myself in with my parents because I couldn’t function due to pain and while on all the meds I was…well I don’t even remember I was so over drugged. After a couple weeks of trying to rest, praying, missing work, and missing out on everything I realized I had to try something new. After my Dad drove me to my first visit with Gail I COULD DRIVE! I was able to go home take care of my family and go back to work after just a few visits! I have since sent my sister,niece, parents and friends to see Dr. Gail and her wonderful staff. If you are not sure how you feel about chiropractors (like I was) give family chiropractic a try you won’t be sorry!

Cassie J. O’Fallon, IL.

I can’t say enough about Dr. Meese and her staff. From the first phone call, I have felt heard, understood, and cared about. I have suffered with back pain and headaches for too long, and after only 2 visits, I feel like a new person. I look forward to my appointments, and tell everyone who will listen the difference just 2 appointments have made in my life. Thank you, thank you, a million times, thank you.

Christine T. Belleville, IL.

I had severe back and neck pain. It was painful to stand and I had a hard time sleeping because of the pain. I was even having frequent headaches. I am completely pain free and when I start to get headaches I know I have waited to long to get an adjustment. Doctors were saying surgery was in my future and now I’m off all pain meds and there has been no mention of back surgery. My husband was skeptical of going to a chiropractor and now swears by Advantage Family Chiropractic. They are extremely nice and they make you feel like you’re part of the family. I love it there and recommend anyone in pain to go!!!!! NOW!!!!

Nicole G. Belleville ,IL

This visit was for my one year old Kaiden. he has been going to see dr. Gail off and on since around 2 months old, as a breastfeeding baby it is not very noticeable to mommy when he needs to see Dr Gill. We are both very pleased after every visit, and happy to know that there is someone out there who is gentle enough to work on such young children.

Erin G. O’Fallon IL.

My visit with Dr. Gail was wonderful as always. I am always greeted with a smile by the front desk and Dr. Gail. She truly cares about helping her patients feel better. She is also great at explaining things and answering any questions. I highly recommend Advantage Family Chiropractic.

Melanie D. Belleville IL

I look forward every month to come in and get my back adjusted!!!! I love the staff ! Brenda is so sweet! And Dr. Gail is awesome!!! I would recommend everyone to this office!!! Good staff good service!!!

Amanda C.

I have been to Dr. Gail on several occasions over the years and I am always amazed at the consistency of “high quality” treatment she provides. I would strongly recommend her to anyone in need of chiropractic services.
Jim I. Shiloh, IL.


Highly recommended!! I came in with severe headaches, neck and back pains. Within just a few visits things are really improving, I can now function through the day without pain and discomfort! Extremely friendly staff, and fun to talk to.

Ryan B. Shiloh, IL.


I can not rave enough about how much better I feel! My headaches were immediately gone after this visit. Such a relief after over a month of daily headaches!

Thank you Dr. Messe! ♡

Erin G. O’Fallon IL.


Dr. Gail is always so personable and welcoming. She remembers details about my previous injuries and always adjusts treatment appropriately. She is awesome!Best ever!

Julie G. Waterloo, IL.


When AFC was fairly new, I met Dr. Gail at a Lipstick show in Collinsville.  At the time, I had sharp pains in the lower part of my back on my right that I couldn’t get rid of.  After a few weeks of treatment, I’ve never had that pain again!

Dr. Gail, Dawn and Diane are all huge parts of my ongoing health and wellness and I can’t thank them enough for their help (and humor!) every time I come in.  This is truly an awesome establishment and I am so happy to have found AFC!

Jenn Bay

What others have said…


In July 2010 I was rear-ended in a car accident.  I got out of the car pain free.  The following night was a completely different story.  I couldn’t turn my head from side to side more than a couple of degrees and I was getting sharp, shooting pains down my right arm that left numbness and tingling in my fingers.  I ended up in the ER, had x-rays taken, was told nothing was broken, prescribed muscle relaxers and an anti-inflammatory and sent on my merry way.  A friend of mine is a patient of and recommended Dr. Gail.  I started a treatment plan (including adjustments and Myotherapy) almost immediately and felt positive results almost immediately.  After just 2 visits, the sharp, shooting pains were gone and range of motion in my neck improved dramatically.  After almost 1 month of treatment, I am pain free and have complete range of motion back.  I have no doubt that, had I not sought treatment and popped my pills and toughed it out, I would still be in pain and still trying to regain full range of motion.  I am so thankful to Dr. Gail and her team of Myotherapists for getting me back to feeling like my old self!!!!!!

-Christina H. Belleville

Migrain Headaches
Dear Advantage Family Chiropractic,
I came to Advantage Family Chiropractic in December of 2009 because I had been a rear-end auto accident and suffered neck pain and headaches. I had already been a migrane sufferer. However, after my auto accident my migranes worsened in frequency and pain level. When I described my situation to (Dr.) Gail she offered the information that many patients who suffered migranes had been relieved through chiropractic care in the frequency and decreased pain levels of their migranes. I began myotherapies (deep tissue massages) and chiropractic adjustments. After a few weeks of these therapies at a few times a week my pain lessened and I felt very relaxed and pain free. This was the first time in my life I ever received these therapies and they absoultely helped get me back into good health. While receiving care I did not have one migrane. After nine months since my last appointment I am very ecstatic to say that I have not had a migrance since. For anyone who has had migranes knows how depilating and painful they can be…I am happy and thankful to (Dr.) Gail Meese for her care. I suffered for more than a decade and words can hardly express what it feels like to not worry when and where my next migrane will attack. So, thank you, more than you know.
Amanda D.  O’Fallon, IL

Miracle of Wellness 2010

Last Friday I went to pick up my 10 month old son from day care and suddenly felt lightheaded.  The lightheadedness lasted into next morning so my husband drove me to the doctor.  My doctor diagnosed my lightheadedness as the result of an inner ear infection.  He gave me a prescription to relieve the lightheadedness and said there was not much else he could do—I would just have to wait for the infection to pass.  On Monday I was still lightheaded.  The side effect of the prescription is drowsiness, so not a great combination for driving from my home in Illinois to St. Louis for work.  I called Dr. Gail mid-morning on Monday, August 16th seeking any sort of relief.  She took me right away.  After some simple head and neck massage and an adjustment, I went home and have since never had to take my prescription again.  I am now back at work and, more importantly, able to enjoy my son on my 31st birthday which is today, August 17th .  Thank you!  Thank you! Thank you, Dr. Gail!

Iris H. Belleville, IL

Back Pain 
I don’t know where to start or how to even begin thanking you. You have given our mother and grandmother back to us – her family. She was out all day at the Cards game and a late dinner with me and not once grabbed at her back or had to abruptly call it a night. Gail, thank you. The pain is all about gone – she’s been suffering for years and her life was really sad until she met you. You have no idea – there was no quality anymore, and she is on Cloud Nine! Bless you.
Angie R. in regards to her mother Donna G.,
Belleville, IL

Low Back Pain and Leg Pain:

I’ve had chronic back pain since March 1999. I’ve tried many treatments to reduce or relieve the pain including, pain medication including narcotics, pain shots in the spinal column, chiropractic, physical therapy, herbal therapy, and acupuncture. Some have reduced the pain for a short period of time, but none have ever given me complete relief. On my first visit with Dr. Gail, she did a complete evaluation and asked me to come back for recommended treatment plan. During that first visit, she asked if she could put some tape on my back. I thought why not, I’ve tried everything else. My husband and I walked out snickering and thinking yeah right, tape is definitely going to work since everything else hasn’t!! Within an hour and a half, I noticed I was able to stand up immediately without waiting for my leg to be able to support my weight. Later that evening I noticed after walking on our treadmill that my leg didn’t burn as it usually did. The next morning when I got up I realized that my leg simply didn’t hurt. I jumped back in bed to tell my husband that Dr. Gail’s “magic Tape” (I really didn’t know what the tape was called.” Actually worked! All my co-workers have heard the story about the “Magic Tape” doctor and the “Magic Tape” (Kinesio) and I wanted you to know too. My first Question for Dr. Gail was, “How do I get a lifetime supply of it!!”

Debbie T., O’Fallon

Wellness Care:

Dr. Gail has helped increase both my physical and mental well-being. She is amazing and my quality of life has increased.

Kati K., O’Fallon

Low Back Pain and Leg Pain:

My health has improved by me being able to walk longer before pain sets in

Delores S., Damiansville

Neck pain:

My health has really improved with the three visits, I’m Happier and much healthier. Thank you!

Eva B., Dupo

Knee Pain:

I came in with pain in my knees from a fall and left feeling no pain. Dr. Gail was really thorough and thoughtful.

Mary L., Mascoutah

Neck Pain:

I need less pain medication now, and have less stiffness and more mobility.

Michelle P., Shiloh

Low Back Pain:

I don’t wake up with pain anymore. Now I’m able to pick-up and play with my six month old son. Something that I thought I would miss out on. Basically my life has improved with building memories. Thank you Dr. Gail.

Reggie T., Caseyville

Chronic Neck pain:

AWESOME! I had daily “constant” neck and shoulder pain for 5+ years. After 5-6 treatments I had “marked” improvement. I was not able to look straight up or rotate my head left to right. I now can see the ceiling and rotate my head so that I can look over each shoulder. Thank you Dr. Gail!

Donna S., Fairview Heights

Neck Pain:

Greatly improved! Thank you for getting me back on my feet. I couldn’t turn my head, now I can and I have more motion than I’ve had for years.

Julia “Betty” V., Mascoutah

Low Back and Neck Pain:

It has been a tremendous help in every aspect. I would recommend to all.

David S., Centreville

Low Back Pain:

Before Dr. Meese, I suffered with severe lower back pain. After attending a few treatments, my condition showed great improvement. Due to other medical issues that came up, I haven’t finished my course of treatment. As soon as all is well, I plan to continue my treatment plan in order to have comfort in my lower and upper back. Dr. Meese has been a blessing to my husband and myself. She has given us a whole new outlook on Chiropractic treatment. We would refer her to anyone without a second thought.

Tasha S., Centreville

Headaches and Neck Pain:

Dr. Gail helped helped heal me from all my tension headaches. She is the only chiropractor that has been able to do this and I have been to other Chiropractors.

Tara F., Lebanon

Low Back Pain (E-Mail):

Dr. Gail:
Thank you for taking care of me on Saturday.  After the adjustment, I applied the ice pack to my back per your instructions.  I felt good the next morning.  I took my PT test around 1100 and passed.  Crunches did not hurt, I knocked out 43 (my max) in about 30 seconds.  The pushups and run did not hurt my back either. I really appreciate your taking time out of your Saturday to treat me.  Take care
John H., South St. Louis, MO.
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